The summary of the reasons why your website is not getting traffic

Without visitors, a website is nothing. There are a variety of reasons why your website may be deficient in visitors, including content, format, and keywords. You can take a deep breath and relax because I have some exciting news for you! Examining your website for a few frequent causes of traffic declines can help you spot the problem – and find a solution.

The quality of your content is inadequate.

Search engines, particularly Google, have grown very good at spotting good content, believe it or not. As a result, if your content is inadequate and your website is of poor quality, your prospects of ranking high in the SERPs and attracting traffic are slim. Let’s not forget about social media’s indirect impact on ranks and traffic, in addition to search engines. Poor-quality content is unlikely to perform effectively on social media platforms.

Concentrate on the right keywords.

Keyword research is at the heart of any SEO plan. Keywords assist search engines in deciphering the content of your website so that it may be indexed in search results appropriately. You won’t score high if you’re targeting the wrong keywords, which means you’ll be less visible to your audience. As a result, less organic traffic will be directed to your website. Creating content around the wrong keywords can result in low-quality traffic that does not convert into sales or leads.
So, what can you do if your keywords aren’t well-targeted? Use a strong keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner to do in-depth keyword research.

Long-tail keywords with low competition that you can naturally incorporate into your material are ideal. The word ‘limited competition’ is crucial in this phrase. As long as you advertise your content effectively, low competition keywords will give you a better chance of ranking well in search results.

Low-competition keywords do attract traffic to your site, but not nearly as much as high-competition keywords. You can help to increase confidence in your website by ranking for a lot of keywords with little competition.

Your website is not safe to visit.

In recent years, the importance of cybersecurity has risen substantially, and Google has responded to this demand. Google added HTTPS as a minor ranking factor in 2014, and consumers are now notified when they visit a site that uses HTTP rather than HTTPS. Most users will retreat “back to safety” at this point. Only a small percentage of those who remain are likely to convert. After all, who wants to make a purchase on a website that isn’t secure?
To recap, if your website traffic has decreased or remained unchanged despite months of digital marketing efforts, check to determine if your site is using HTTP.

Your website is incompatible with mobile devices.

Google declared in June 2021 that mobile-first indexing would become the standard for all webpages. This means that Google considers your mobile site when determining where your pages should be ranked. Due to Google’s emphasis on mobile usability as a ranking criterion, faults with your mobile site can have an influence on the traffic flow to your website. Remember that Google evaluates your website based on its mobile version, and outstanding user experiences are rewarded. Your internet presence will suffer if your mobile site isn’t up to pace.

Your presence on social media is basically non-existent.

Over time, social media has become a significant aspect of traffic generating. It’s no longer only about Google and search engines. As a result, having a presence in your social communities might have a significant impact on your traffic. A single share/post can result in hundreds of website visitors if you have a large following on social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s not just about the major social media platforms. There are lots of online communities that aren’t on social media platforms like Facebook.

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