Is digital marketing a future?

Digital Marketing is the only and most reliable means of marketing in today’s online environment, and it is often regarded as the most desired location for marketing messages and related activities.

Marketing’s future goes well beyond traditional marketing, and it is now mostly dependent on the Digital Sphere. Where traditional marketing methods fail, the scope of Digital Marketing enables some of the most powerful marketing approaches. Digital marketing will be the most powerful and result-oriented means of marketing in 2022, and some of the observations on the current and future of five important channels that will play a part in determining the future of digital marketing in India are as follows:

Video Marketing

Video is consuming content marketing, and online marketers have the advantage of being able to tempt more customers in the shortest amount of time. Because mobile marketing is gaining popularity, videos are now available for viewing on mobile phones, which help to speed up the process. Companies use video marketing to introduce themselves, spread their messages, promote their products/services, increase their reach and optimise their search rankings, boost consumer engagement, and increase returns on investments.

Voice-powered Everything

There’s no reason to believe that the mobile trend will slow down, and users will increasingly want to connect with their gadgets via hands-free technology. Voice search is thought to fuel more than half of all search inquiries.

With the rise of voice search-enabled smart gadgets, marketers will have additional options to promote to those who own them. When Amazon started offering cheaper Kindle devices in exchange for agreeing to receive marketing emails, it saw an opportunity.

Marketing and Support Technology Powered by AI

Artificial intelligence has been extending what’s possible in the realm of digital marketing for a while, but over the next few years, we’ll witness exponential jumps in what this technology can do. Artificial intelligence is also being employed in advertising. While it hasn’t quite reached human levels of creativity, Google is already using AI to optimise campaigns by recognising the most effective ad styles and language and automatically changing based on user engagement.

Social Media Marketing

As social media continues to evolve, social media marketing has a massive power to channelize marketing initiatives in effective and unique ways. Social networking is an excellent tool for responding to new technological advancements while also exceeding client expectations. The following are some of the important social media trends for 2022: The key components of social media marketing in 2022 will be live video streaming, the massive evolution of Snapchat, Instagram stories, social slideshow ads, social chats, and so on.

Micro-influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has exploded in popularity in recent years, with top influencers on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube amassing millions of followers and earning six figures from commercial deals.
Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is still in its infancy, and while it delivers a high return on investment when compared to more traditional advertising channels, there are still some challenges to be worked out. As consumers continue to value personal recommendations over being sold to, it will make sense to spend more in “micro-influencers” – social media users with a tiny but loyal following who can offer genuine marketing messages to a receptive audience.

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