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How to rank your website higher on google? – The importance of SEO Marketing

The importance of ranking your website on google is something that every business owner should know. As we are living in this era of internet and technologies, following the ordinary way of marketing, selling and finding clients are kind of losing the track. Here we explained how to rank a website number one on google and the importance of SEO marketing for business growth.

Enhancing Onsite SEO

One of the fastest ways to enhance your website on Google ranks is through on-page SEO. This is the method that optimize your web page content in about 2minutes and you can notice a rise in ranking within some days. The first important thing to check is that your key word appears near the start of your title tag. Google gives more emphasis on words that appear early in your title tag. Additionally, they give less weight to keywords that come up later. Make your content at least 1800 words long, next. The typical Google first page result has 1,447 words, according to our analysis of Google’s important ranking variables. Longer material does typically perform better in search results. When you try to rank a highly competitive keyword, that indicates you are competing against giant authority sites even with google! So the chances of ranking your web on top will be difficult.

                                The goal seems difficult but the help of a digital marketing agency in your area can help you out solving this problem effortless. Publish long form contents, put your target key word at least three times in your content and make sure your keyword starts right from the beginning of your title tag. Stuffing keywords on your content is not enough. In other words, putting the relevant terms on content is telling google that this piece of information contains the search query.


The Importance of SEO Marketing

Add LSI keywords to your page. It really works! LSI keywords are words and phrases that are related to the topic on your page. Do you know how it works! LSI Keywords are really confirming to google that your content is actually about that topic related to the search query. SEO marketing is more into 1detailed analysis, using relevant keywords having high search volume and low competition. There are many SEO tools available to find out the right keywords, LSI keywords, search volume and completion, though the right solution is approaching the best seo company. Finding a good seo agency is way too simple than before. If you are living anywhere, you can search for the best seo company near your location. Finding the best seo company will be great if you want someone to do your job with full responsibility.

If you are connecting with an ecommerce seo agency, or any expert who has experience for content marketing in SEO can strategize a plan for your web page content optimization to make more SEO friendly. The final step of SEO marketing is monitoring. Monitor your technical SEO for avoiding issues that might harm your site and would not give you the expected ranking result. Double check your website content to ensure it is 100% optimized.



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