pros and cons of Social media marketing

Most businesses and marketers have discovered that using social media to promote their products or services is an effective strategy. Some have used Instagram Stories, a sequence of multimedia material that disappears after 24 hours, to generate traffic to their eCommerce site, while others have used promotional YouTube content to encourage sales of a new product. Others have taken use of Twitter hashtag trends. At the same time, social media is a simple and complex marketing channel. On the one hand, social media management solutions are excellent for staying in touch with your target audience, publishing fascinating material, evaluating trends, and launching properly targeted advertisements. Social networks, on the other hand, make firms more vulnerable because the public’s reaction to a given approach is not always predictable.

Studying the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing allows you to develop a strategy that is appropriate for the realities of using social media apps for company. Here are a few additional beneficial elements to consider when you create your social media marketing strategy:

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  1. Make contact with your target audience
  2. Budget- friendly strategy
  3. Use of the user generated material
  4. Developing relationship
  5. Real-time trends should be monitored and analyzed
  6. Customer satisfaction is higher.

Make contact with your target audience.

One of the most obvious advantages of social media for business is that you can reach and communicate with your target audience at any time of day or night. Furthermore, with half of the world’s population using social media, the sky is the limit in this scenario. All you have to do now is pick the perfect social media platform and technique, properly set up your advertising organisation, and start recruiting users from all over the world.

a budget-friendly strategy

SMM provides you with a free platform on which to launch your marketing company. At a basic level, you can interact with your customer. It is seen as a low-cost digital marketing medium, which appeals to businesses. There are a number of well-known social media networks where you can easily promote your items and join for free.

Take use of the user-generated material.

You can use social media to create your own branded content that has the potential to go viral. You can also take advantage of user-generated content (UGC). UGC allows users to create content without your participation, saving you time and acting as a strong social proof.

Developing relationships

SMM is a platform that allows you to communicate with your clients one-on-one and develop a positive relationship with them.

Real-time trends should be monitored and analysed.

For investigating trends and current subjects for conversation, social media is a treasure. Hashtagify can help you identify the most popular hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, and Google Trends can help you find hot themes for your social media postings. Analyze the information supplied and come up with your own ideas for engaging your audience and getting them to participate in the discussion.

Customer satisfaction is higher.

Customers appreciate receiving a personalised answer from your company page rather than an automatic message response. It demonstrates that you value your customers. This will provide you an advantage and assist you in getting more customers.


Social Media Marketing's drawbacks.

However, what are the drawbacks of using social media? The ability to learn too much about human nature and the fact that social media users may not be as kind as you want them to be are two of the most significant social media drawbacks. Not only that, but there’s more. Other social media drawbacks that you as a business owner should be aware of include:

  1. Process that takes a long time
  2. Possibility of receiving negative feedback
  3. ROI is difficult to calculate
  4. If you make mistake, it might loss money.
  5. Competition will be readily replicate your strategy 

Process that takes a long time

This is, without a doubt, one of the most significant disadvantages of social media marketing. You must devote a significant amount of effort to updating your sites with material that will keep your audience interested and engaged. It also necessitates a lot of research, which takes up a lot of your time.

The possibility of receiving negative feedback

Because it is difficult to satisfy everyone, there is always the chance of receiving bad customer testimonials and responses. Each unfavourable review, in the case of social media, is visible to all of your subscribers, including current and potential clients. However, by demonstrating a personalised approach, timely reaction to a complaint, and a real solution to the customer’s problem, this defect can be turned into one of the hidden advantages of social networking. In the eyes of your followers, this will improve your reputation.

ROI is difficult to calculate.

Social media marketing is a long-term approach that might take months or even years to yield a return on investment. If you’re new to social media marketing, don’t expect to see results right away. It is going to take some time.

If you make a mistake with your advertising initiatives, it might cost you a lot of money.

As previously said, one of the benefits of social media marketing is the ability to modify your ad settings on prominent social media platforms. In general, advertising on social media is rather inexpensive, but only if your campaign is properly set up. There’s a good chance you’ll spend your social media marketing budget and get no ROI if you make a mistake with the target audience, geography, or language of the campaign.

Your competition will be able to readily replicate you  strategy.

One of the contentious arguments is that social media is a treasure of important business strategy information. Unfortunately, your competitors can see everything you do to attract and retain customers, what ideas you develop and attempt, how you collect testimonials, and what advertising methods you employ.
In general, there’s nothing wrong with this because it allows you to observe your competitors’ actions while remaining hidden. It will feel unfair, however, if you come up with a truly innovative plan and your competitors simply imitate it.

After reading the benefits and drawbacks of social media marketing, you should be able to determine whether SMM is a good fit for your company. Social media marketing can provide you with some actual, positive effects for your company. Although you must recognise that it is not a quick fix that will supply you with a rush of sales, it does provide you the greatest potential for long-term relationship building.

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