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best programming language for website development

It’s crucial to pick the right programming language for your web development project. An great choice speeds up project development and makes it easier for your development team to integrate key features with fewer resources.
While there are several programming languages, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and others are the most commonly used in web development. According to Statista, JavaScript is used by roughly 65 percent of developers globally.

So where do you start if you’re new to web development and want to learn a programming language, or if you’re a business owner looking for a suitable programming language for your company’s website? Don’t be concerned! We’ll show you the top programming languages for web development in this blog.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is the king of online development and the most widely used programming language among web developers. It’s also the only language that allows you to construct both frontend and backend web applications, as well as mobile apps (React Native). JavaScript is a simple, interpreted scripting language that is commonly used to enhance and add content to web pages. It’s employed in a variety of ways, from simple functions and buttons to elaborate animations. JavaScript adds functionality to an HTML document by running on top of the browser’s built-in engine and using simple commands inserted inside script> tags.

Javascript’s benefits include:

  • Rapid advancement
  • Execution on the client side
  • Interactivity in the User Interface
  • Create an XMLHttpRequest () Interactivity of the Object User Interface

Javascript’s drawbacks include:

  • Execution is a little slow.
  • Always see the code
  • Rendering should be stopped.

2. Python

Python is yet another language that has exploded in popularity in the last year. While it isn’t particularly new and has stood the test of time, it is now the most versatile programming language.
Python is a programming language that can be used for web development, data science, scripting, and automation. Python, like JavaScript, has a large community and a number of valuable frameworks, libraries, and tools that can help you quickly construct a web application.

Python’s Advantages:

  • It’s simple to use and learn.
  • Multiple platforms and systems are supported.
  • Allows for faster development by reducing the amount of code used.
  • With a large community, open source is a great option.
  • Has every library you can think of.
  • Allows you to easily grow even the most complex applications.

Python’s Drawbacks:

  • Python is not designed for use in a mobile context.
  • We can’t make a high-resolution 3D game with Python.
  • Python is not recommended for jobs that require a lot of memory.
  • Python is not a good choice for anything that requires multiple processors or cores.

3. PHP

The Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a popular server scripting language used in web development. This language was created in 1995 and has worked with a variety of prominent PHP web frameworks over the years. The majority of PHP frameworks are free and have robust security features. PHP is one of the most common server-side programming languages in use today, and it is favoured among website developers. PHP is a wonderful place to start if you want to design dynamic websites with WordPress, start a career as a web developer, or expand your existing skill set. PHP contains a number of noteworthy features, such as modules and libraries, that enable dynamic programme development. As a result, PHP is used in the majority of content management systems and websites.

PHP’s advantages include the following:

  • Open-source
  • Web applications are extremely popular.
  • Cross-platform compatibility is guaranteed.
  • High scalability
  • Support from a large community of programmers
  • Easily incorporated into HTML.

PHP’s drawbacks include:

  • Learners should have a basic understanding of HTML.
  • When compared to other programming languages, it is a little slower.
  • Desktop apps have not been modified.
  • Because of the simplicity of modification, it is more difficult to discover problems and more error-prone.


The most fundamental of all coding languages is HTML. HTML will offer you with a solid basis for website development if you wish to create a website or web app. While HTML and CSS are not programming languages (some of you may disagree, but they are not programming languages), they are the foundation of web development and must be learned by every web developer. The structure is provided by HTML, while the style is provided by CSS, which makes them look better and more appealing visually. In 2022, if you want to be a major frontend developer, you’ll need to master these two.

Advantages of using HTML for your project:

  • Lightweight
  • Loads quickly
  • It is completely free to use
  • It’s easier to learn the language and it’s compatible with a large variety of browsers.

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